Terracotta pots made in usa, manufacturer in Texas SINCE 1895

Welcome to Marshall Pottery!

With a vast array of traditional, ethnic, and contemporary pottery, the Marshall Pottery in Texas remains the largest manufacturer of red clay pots in the USA since 1895. Enhance your Garden Center with pots and planters from one of the oldest Potteries in the nation.

Marshall Pottery specialized in hand turned pottery straight from the potter’s wheel. Skilled artisans turned the clay of East Texas for over one hundred years making beautiful, functional stoneware pottery. Each piece was truly a piece of art. Master Potters and Cobalt artist transformed lumps of clay into wonderfully designed pieces of heirloom quality stoneware.

Since 1997 Deroma Group, leader in terracotta pottery manufacturer world wide, contributed to the construction new lines fully automated terracotta manufacturing reaching now a capacity of more then 100,000 pots a day.
With a commitment to quality and customer service, the processes are constantly being upgraded. The stoneware production remains much the same as it has been manufactured in the past with the exception of electricity turning the potter’s wheels instead of the potter’s kick.

The traditions of manufacturing a MADE IN THE USA stoneware line of pottery continue as a strong force in the overall business plan today.

Our Outlet and Stoneware divisions were closed permanently in Fall 2015 and our Made in Usa Terracotta Planters are today available in all the Best L&G Stores across the Country

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